Julie, our beloved friend and listsib
November 9, 1969 - February 11, 2000

A lab accident involving a dropped bottle of chloroform ultimately
resulted in Julie's death. She was very sensitive to dichloromethane and trichloromethane,
and she had several drug allergies that complicated her treatment. She held on and
fought hard for many months, but ultimately her body shut down and she left us.


For you, Julie

Wolfmoon Jules, our friend, we sure have missed you!
We're so sorry that you've been ill,
Curing your aches we cannot do,
But fanfic's a much better pill.

So read these gifts from us to you,
Blair owies that we each contrived,
Stories galore, all of them new:
Blair faints, passes out, takes a dive.

Know that you're in our thoughts every day,
Through the seconds, minutes, and hours,
Well wishes we send the [SA] way,
Bouquets of fics instead of flowers.

Julie's Sentinel Fiction

Julie, here is a card from us to you.

Winners by JAC's ghostwriter
Into the Ground by Hazel
Shaping Up by Sis
Catch Me When I Fall by Wolfshy
Fruit Salad by Ceci
Blair Was Sick by Sleepy


It Must Be My Day by CJ
Right On Time by Sherrylou
The Storm by DawnC
Trick or Treat by Kaci
Cybergerms by Lisa Morrissey
The Report by Ihket


The Audience by TAbayev
Faith by Shawnee
Gift for Julie by Mackie
Undercover Blair by Toni
They're More Dangerous Than You'd Think by Khinsaia
Left Behind: A Cresting the Wave Missing Scene by Jo Ann


Passing Out by Lucy Hale
Poison Kisses by CarolROI
Tricked No Treat by Shelley
Wrong Place by Lorelie
I Did WHAT? by Enola Jones
Falling by K (Kathleen)


My Loft for a Tissue by Kim
A Tale of Two Six Packs by Nickerbits
Giftfic for Jules by Suisan "Sue" R.
Show Me the Way to Go by JET
100% by Trish
Blair and the Bear by Stargazer


Heat by Sentarla
A Day at the Fair by vfoster
Take Care by Melissa
Crash & Burn by BJKira
Bounce Back by Lucy S.
Energizer by Ismaro


For Julie by MisElaineous
The Sandburg Zone by Brillig
The Wheel Deal by Laurie
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut by Red Soprano
Trick, Not Treats by Cheyenne
A Time to Kill by Sammi


TKO by Kara
Why Paperwork Really Is a Danger to Your Health by Lannieta
Memory Overload by Shar-Lee

Giftpic--Jim and Blair by Lupe (Not available)
Giftpic--It's about Friendship(Not available)